What We Do

StayWe offer private in-home training and consultations for you and your puppy or older dog.  An initial consultation provides an opportunity for the trainer to meet with you and your dog to see how you interact with one another. This is also when you can discuss your training goals with the trainer.

Since every dog is unique, we do not sell packages or minimum sessions. Many issues can be covered in one or 2 sessions. All you need are the right tools and instructions on how to meet your goals. The only requirement is your commitment to strengthening your relationship with your dog.

Our Training / Consulting Services Include:

  • Puppy Basic Manners – We’ll cover the basics from potty training to sit, stay, come when called, leash walking and relationship building.
  • Doggie House Manners – It is never too late to improve your dog’s manners, train new behaviors, refresh skills or change old habits.
  • Problem or Nuisance Behaviors – anxiety, digging, excessive barking, jumping, counter surfing….just to name a few.
  • Rescue Remedy – Together we will address the common issues that can occur when introducing a new dog to the family. Building a strong bond between you and your rescued pup is something you will treasure for a lifetime.

Meet The Trainer